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Reflecting back on a busy year, we would like to thank all who supported us and wishing everyone a joyful, peaceful and prosperous 2017. From 555 St.Kilda Rd to 888 Collins St, from Mawson Lakes to Strathalbyn, from Point Cook to Pakenham, thank you.  

Property Investors, Are You Paying Too Much Tax?


Finding ways to maximise your rental investment? Heard about depreciation but not sure if it suits you? According to Australian Tax Office, there are three types of expenses that can reduce your assessable income over a number of years: -Borrowing expense -Amounts for decline in value of depreciating assets -Capital works deductions Contact us to find out more.

Don’t Miss Out on Property Depreciation Deductions


Don’t Miss Out on Property Depreciation Deductions According to recent statistics released by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Australian investors claimed $2,139,156,047 in capital works deductions (division 43) and $2,028,038,155 in plant and equipment depreciation (division 40) for the 2011 to 2012 financial year.

Buyer Beware


Depreciation is calculated on the construction cost of the building and not the market value or selling price. I have seen a few off-plan marketing claiming huge depreciation amount on the selling price to attract investor. Buyer Beware..!!!

Insurance Replacement Cost Review


Did an insurance review on an apartment block saving body corporate $2000 in insurance premium. “The Insurance Report was tabled at the recent AGM and was well received by the members. Thank you for attending the report so promptly” – Body Corporate Manager

Tax Practitioners Board

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Our chief surveyor is now registered with the Tax Practitioners Board as a registered tax agent in relation to Quantity Surveyors. Tax Agent Number: 18661008